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Radiators etc.

The radiator in a typical late model vehicle is made of an aluminum core with plastic tanks, these radiators are not cost effective to repair, however, many older vehicles, off highway equipment, and large commercial vehicles still have rebuildable radiators.

We can service, rebuild, repair, and re-core current units.  We can also make new units for medium to heavy to duty trucks, passenger vehicles, motorcycles, heavy duty equipment, motor homes, antiques, generators, racing, tractors, farm equipment and more.  We can also produce one off custom cooling system components such as fan systems and in cab components. 

Beyond radiators, we have extensive experience with heater core replacement and manufacturing including disassembly of the vehicle's dashboard to access the associated components.

If your radiator, heater core, or other cooling system component has a leak,

we can fix it or find a replacement!

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