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Heat & Air Conditioning

The heating and cooling systems of most vehicles demand a special attention and certification.

Understanding the physics of how the refrigerant cools or the coolant heats the air coupled with the knowledge of the mechanical systems which make cooling / heating possible has allowed us to gain considerable experience and understanding of how to diagnose, quote, and repair these systems.

The systems which provide heat & air conditioning in typical light duty vehicles are similar in design and construction to that of many other "non typical" vehicles.  

As an example, some small aircraft, use the same physical components and usually the system's refrigerant is identical.*

Large buses, off-highway equipment, earth moving equipment, even some specialized marine vessels all use common industry components and refrigerant.

Our knowledge basis regarding the theory and operation of both heating and air conditioning has allowed us to have decades of experience in resolving issues for our customers.

* Please note: regarding aircraft, we can charge an AC system and advise on which components are faulty but due to insurance and certification restrictions we will not preform any repairs.

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